Body knows what the mind is thinking

running-5The body has a natural capacity to heal itself if we nurture it with the right ingredients. Exercise makes the body strong, and strong body makes us more confident. A strong body reinforces positive body language that affects  DNA the same way positive thoughts do. A strong body becomes more important when we have been through trauma, or have lost any aspect of our health or body functions. We must rally on to build and work with what we have no matter what the limitations are.

Food and proper nutrition fuel the body and brain. It is an important ingredient that can allow us to actively heal ourselves. Mismanaging our fuel or being irresponsible with our choices can damage our results. Perfection is a pressure we don’t need with respect to our diet. What should be considered, is that food is medicine.  Food heals, food fuels, and good nutrition is a form of loving ourselves.  The body knows what the mind is thinking.  The two are interconnected and tapping into this belief can change everything about how the body feels, moves and what it looks like.  Change the thoughts you have about your body and health by telling your mind all the positive things about your body.  Think it to become it; over and over again.

We have more information than ever before about what to eat to be healthy and properly weighted.  And yet we are a nation of over-weighted people.  Now more than ever before is there  proof  that the mindset has to be changed first in order for the body to receive the care and love it needs from us.  The abuse of food can only be stopped by the power of the mind and then the power of the plate will no longer dominate your health.  You are what you think.   Take the power back and have the life you imagined

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