How the Power of the Mind Heals Everything



The first time I decided to run stairs instead of running the roads I knew it was going to be an “uphill” climb in every sense of that. So I did what I have done for years, I visualized myself going up the stairs as my body and leg muscles adapted to a whole new movement for me. I visualized myself getting fit and having more ease in accomplishing this daunting physical expression. I visualized myself at the top and then I saw myself running faster with better body posture and getting more fit with each stair and each flight.

On the way down the stairs, I visualized myself releasing toxins, the ones that were held deep in the cellular level of my body. I spoke the words release out loud and with each flight down I said mantras like release the scar tissue; release the stories from my body; release the worries, the fears, the weight and the pain. This freed the energy and space in my body so that I had new space for the new visual images of my healthy body, brain, and life.

The body knows what the mind is thinking.  We hold our stories at a cellular level. First thing must do on our road to recovery or climbing our next mountain is the release beliefs that no longer serve us.  Our bodies are energy and they can hold toxic energy or they can hold  energy full of vitality, faith hope and love.  But love and fear can no co-exist in our bodies at the same time.  It is not possible to reap the rewards of our hard work if we are still holding on to our stories, emotions, thoughts, actions and deeds at a cellular level.  Think of your mind and body as a glass full of water, there is no more room to add new fresh water.  The new water will spill out, there is no room.  If you are holding on to beliefs and emotions that no longer serve you then first you must release those and then you can imprint your new beliefs, emotions and dreams on your mind and body at a cellular level

Tap into the power of “you are what you think”. The future is yours to see, feel, and create when your mind and body only have this ‘new truth’ imprinted inside of yourself.

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