Are you an amateur or a pro?

Train to the topResistance outwits the amateur by using their own enthusiasm against themselves. Resistance tempts the amateur to dive into projects with over-ambitiousness and unrealistic timetables. Resistance seduces the amateur and knows that they can not sustain that level of intensity and will burn out. Resistance will assume any form to keep amateurs from doing their work. Resistance has no conscience; it thrives on mediocrity and self-doubt.

The professional outwits resistance with patience, order, practice, focus, energy, and concentrates on preparation at the deepest level. The pro does their work out of love. Loving the work/art/calling or enterprise turns a hard day’s work into purposeful satisfaction. This is what shifts the odds of success in the pro’s favor. A pro loves the practice, the striving, the training, the diligent, time-consuming pursuit of the advantage.

Living the life you imagined requires all of us to live our life like a pro.  Overcoming any obstacles, barriers or setbacks requires us  to be more pro-minded than anyone else.  We don’t have time to be average if our goals, dreams, happiness, and health depend on us to taking our lives seriously.

As you can see from my website, I took my recovery seriously and lived my life above the line, like a pro, training for the most important race of my life.  My ability to dedicate myself to the daily training no matter the time, effort or pain determined whether I was going to win or lose the game of life. I wanted to be able to walk again, but I wanted more; I was not satisfied with walking, I wanted to run again.  And when I achieved that I wanted to run 3000 stairs a day.  3000 stairs a day is not what an amateur does.  It is what a pro does.  I am pro-minded.  I do not subscribe to the mindset of mediocrity.  I would still be bedridden and would still struggle with my ability to read and write.  Although I am not still a work in progress I am determined to keep striving.

Sharing this with you is meant to inspire you to rally back, to move forward with gusto and if you have not been thrown off the horse, so to speak…..than seriously saddle up and get going.  The world needs more pros!

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