Sometimes the cup is so full it overflows.  Time is limited for those who want to achieve big dreams. Energy, enthusiasm, focus, and results fade away if we do not choose how to spend our time more wisely.Excellence

We need to unsubscribe from distractions, toxic people, overscheduling, information overload, social media, and  TV if we want to do our best work and if we want to be our best selves in our relationships.  Many of these distractions are things we invite into our lives so we do not have to focus on the tasks at hand.   People are overwhelming themselves with minutiae.   It’s happening every moment in FB. email and texting.  Turn down the volume of the noise, Unsubscribe from the distractions.  Live your own great life!  Subscribe to the wonderful things that will enhance you and add years to your life.

Thoughts on Unsubscribing

Why am I attracted to energy draining things and people?  How can I be more present in my life? What can I unsubscribe from?


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