Winning Mindset


My resilient nature began at the beginning.  I like winning.  I am willing to do the work necessary to win.  I am ok with second place, but I always trained to win first place.  I did not wake up and train to be second.  If it happened, I vowed to work harder so that one day I could win first place.

My daughter, Shea saw this picture and said, “why are you so happy in this picture?” She could see my big gleaming smile but thought it was weird I was wearing a suit while standing on the sidewalk at our farm. It was not weird to me; I was already well into working on my 20-year plan… success mindset and success lifestyle.

I told my daughter, “I was happy because I loved winning.”   She said, “Winning what?” She did not notice that I was wearing my medals around my neck, so I said, “these were medals I won from gymnastics. I’m smiling because winning makes me happy.”   She said, “yes mum, I know winning makes you happy.”

I have every report card; every award where I got the medal for the highest grades in my class;  every ribbon I won for every track meet event, my swimming and lifeguard awards and my 10K medals.  I like winning.  But the real story is that I had to work for it.  There were kids that were bigger than me, more talented than me and smarter than me.  But I could outwork anyone.  I was always determined and willing to do whatever it takes to win, no matter how long it takes.   There is no surprise that I have tenacity, I am the youngest of eight children and happened to be the runt of the litter.  I would play basketball with them and no one lowered the net for me; I had to shoot the ball into the real net.  Every year I challenged my mother to a race.  I wanted to beat my mother, who was very fast.  She never let me win.  I knew if I worked at it, I would win one day.   That day came and it was great because I had to work for that win.  My mother was happy for me.

I have had some great ups in my life because of my hard work ethic and I am proud of those.  I am even more proud of the downs and how I fought back to get back up.   I know how to fight and work hard to win.  I applied this tenacity to doing the work I needed to win again.  When you dust yourself off and get back into the game no matter what; no matter the pain, scrapes, and cuts; you build resilience.  You can start building resilience at any stage of life. Everyone can build resilience.   We need resilience for life.  Stuff happens and we need to pull up our big girl panties and soldier on.

I build resilience  every day that I drag my butt out to the stairs and run 3000 up and down; I am building my resilience; my bulletproof mindset.  Yes, I get fit!  That is the by-product of physicality.   But when I am finished running the stairs, I know I can go out and do what I need to do in my life no matter how challenging the daily tasks might be to accomplish my goals.

When you are stuck mentally or emotionally, go out and move.  The  mind and body are connected.  Use the power of movement to build emotional resilience.   Our minds know what our bodies are thinking.  Move the body and the mind will follow.

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