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Key Note

Breathe, How I Trained Myself Back To Life


Colleen talks about healing the body, brain and spirit after a horrific car accident ripped her body apart, left her in a coma and severely brain injured. Colleen approached her survival and prolonged arduous recovery with will, focus, positive mindset and a plan.  She harnessed the power of the mind and brain to rebuild her body; regain her health; and relearn how to read, write, talk and run.

Colleen talks about how to activate the power of the mind (consciously and sub-consciously)  while simultaneously  accessing the neuro-pathways. She calls it the secret sauce to creating massive change quickly.  She teaches others how to improve their health and life; increase their abilities; and have more peace and happiness in the ‘Resilient Brain Resilient Life’  Program.

3 Things You Will Learn;

  • How the power of the mind can heal the brain, body, and spirit
  • The key components to recovery
  • How to adapt to life after….
  • How to create the Life You Imagine

Category: Inspirational, Educational, Brain Injury, Concussions, Near Death, Trauma, ICU Trauma, Illness, Injury, Sports, Hockey, Football, Soccer, Athletes, First Responders, Critical Care Nursing, Trauma Doctors, Rehabilitation, Neuroplasticity

Audience: ER/ICU Medical Staff, First Responders; Trauma Survivors, Athletic Coaches and Trainers; Brain Injured, Military, Families of Brain Injured, Concussed Athletes, Neuroscientists, Sports Associations/Organizations, Parents of Sport Oriented Children, Athletic Equipment Manufacturers, Protective Sports and Military Manufacturers

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Resilient Brain Resilient Life  Workbook and 1/2 day Workshop

Patient Engagement Workbook and 1/2 day Workshop

Resilient Caregiving  Workbook and  1/2 day workshop


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