Self Talk and Talking to Self



We must be our own best cheerleader, the one who believes in our own dreams the most and in ourselves the most. When we are our own champion, we have more confidence and that attracts more amazing people and things in our lives. But when things are bleak or when we are just tired and overwhelmed with all that we must accomplish or overcome in life and especially if we do not feel well and have some health obstacles in our way; then self talk is critical to creating positive energy and generating energy when we need it the most. It really becomes as simple as… say it to become it. But it has to be said all the time with no negative self talk or thoughts swirling around in our brain space to negate all those good thoughts. Did you know that it can now be shown that when a negative though enters your brain, a neuron explodes! Well I need all my neurons…..this alone is motivating enough to encourage people to put positive self talk tips into our daily routines. Here are some of the things I say every day. Please write ones that work for you and go big with these…..don’t be modest…..there is no time for this when you are rewiring your own self beliefs.

I am the best at ….
Running the Stairs
Recovery from Brain Trauma
Telling my Story
Having a happy life
Being a mother
Sharing with others how I recovered
Being a Speaker about Overcoming Head Injury
Having Strong Healthy Body
Having Vibrant Brain
Having an Excellent Memory
Epic Love
Having Healthy and Happy Children

As you can see….. go big or go bigger! Write your “I am the best at” statements and watch your dreams come true.

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