Colleen reminded me that life is about choice and that I do have a choice in what I want it to look like and that I can take action to make it happen. Her analogy to look at doing whatever needs to be done to have the life I want can be viewed as “training”; really hit home.  I truly feel after Colleen’s story, I can accomplish anything I choose, if I choose it!    Lisa Phillips-Cardinal

What a beautiful soul!  I think Colleen’s presentation was a beautiful way to inspire life!    Vanessa Zieglgansberger

I enjoyed Colleen’s presentation very much.  Colleen is an amazing speaker.  Very motivational.  She is a strong, courageous women.     Pam Rycroft


I appreciated the focus you gave to your presentation. This just demonstrates what you were speaking about. Doing one thing at a time and focusing your attention on it-I loved that you said, fun generates fun and energy generates energy. Those stood out for me and remind me that what I focus on expands. Your strength and story is something I won’t forget. Your recovery and determination to do so is incredibly inspiring. It also puts things in perspective. “What’s important to me and what do I want?” aren’t questions…rather what will I focus on to get it, is. Your attention to focus really stands out for me. Thank you for this amazing presentation and sharing your tender and surreal story. You left me with a real sense of there isn’t anything we can’t do.

Rhonda Abdurahman

Colleen Hierath was one of the incredible speakers I met at a Frock-alicious Women’s event at Tigh Na Mara Resort on Vancouver Island, B.C. Not only did her presentation blow my mind, as it did with the entire audience, but I had the honour and privilege to spend some “up close and personal time” with this amazing woman. I then bought and read her book in one sitting. It was like reading her diary and having her lead me into her life, totally engaged with her fight with death and through her incredible transformation back to optimum health. Colleen’s humour and candid account of her journey leave you in awe and inspired. I can almost hear her whispering in my ear, “Don’t give up! Dig Deep! Stop being average! Go after your dreams! If I can do it, so can you! Be exceptional! Be extraordinary! Help others and do something great!” Now, how could I possibly do an be anything but that greatness! Thank You, Colleen! I’ll pass that on and inspire others as you have inspired me!

Wendy Foster


“Colleen Hierath packs a punch from the moment she enters the room.  Don’t underestimate her for one minute.  She delivers at the highest level.  Our conference was packed; wall to wall people.  And as Colleen spoke, she mesmerized the attendees.  This was no ordinary presentation.  This presentation without a doubt; caused people to rethink their commitment to self and goals.  To say she has grit and determination to self and others is just the beginning.   Colleen Hierath is the real deal and will leave people talking about your conference.  I, highly recommend Colleen.”

Jo Dibblee, Founder of Frock Off Inc. and Events, A Frock-alicious Life is Calling and Frock-alicious By Design

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