Coaching Programs

Healing Heartache

It is stressful to deal with the loss; whether it is the loss of a relationships, health, dreams, or job.  Feelings of sadness, hopelessness, vulnerability, confusion, loneliness or overwhelm can be replaced with happiness and joy when you step through the ‘Healing Heartache’  process. Grieving properly, healing fully and recovering with hope is the only ways to get life restarted again with renewed energy, happiness and  direction.

In this program you will……..

  • Gain closure on the emotions around the loss
  • Heal the heartache and find renewed happiness and purpose
  • Create a recovery  blue print to regain the direction of your life

High Performance Self Mastery

Do you want more success, money, energy, love and happiness but haven’t yet cracked the code to achieving that next level?  Do you get frustrated when you see others living the life you want?

In this program you will discover how to….

  • Change your state of mind
  • Eliminate resistance, distractions and barriers holding you back.
  • Imprint new beliefs, practices and truths on your heart, mind and body so your goals become your reality
  • Become more productive in less time
  • Live your highest version of yourself

90 day Transformation

Are you ready for the 90 day Transformation Challenge?  Are you done with starting and then stopping things in your life? Are you ready to design and implement a game plan that will get you to the next stage in your life? Do you want to change your relationship, your health, your weight, your career and your happiness? Then the 90 Day Transformation Challenge is for you!

In this program you will…

  • Build a High Performance Foundation
  • Uncover Your Genius
  • Receive the Blueprint for  a balanced, sustainable lifestyle

VIP Mastery  

Life Imagined Power Event

Create the life you have always imagined for yourself. At this power event,  you will move through life stages to get you from where you are at to living in your genius …..

  • Grieving and Healing
  • Regrouping and Reiventing
  • Self Mastery and Law of Attracion
  • Create Your Personalized Great Life Blueprint

*Bonuses include all components of Healing Heartache,  High Performance Self Mastery and the 90 Day Transformation Programs.

2 1/2  day workshop in Whitefish Montana at the  Mastery Retreat Center