Act 1 sucked! Act 2 blessed!




Act 1 of life for many is full of hope, dreams and promises. Year after year we accomplish more things and our world expands in many wonderful glorious ways. Our nature is to keep moving forward and upward. Then we have families who have hopes and dreams too and we find ourselves living busy lives and then one day we start to wear out just a wee bit.

The conclusion of Act 1 finds many of us tired, overworked, financially stressed, maybe divorced, widowed, rethinking our relationships, imperfect health and weight. Maybe empty nesters(or soon to be)and we have probably lived through aging parents and many of us have experienced the death of loved ones.

In my case, I had all of the above plus a massive car accident that left me severely brain injured, multiple physical injuries and a brain injured baby. I spent Act 1 – 28 years rallying back from those injuries and looking forward to Act 2.

Well I am in Act 2 now….Yippeeeee!!!!!! I discovered the purpose out of all that happened to me and my daughter. It took 15 years to relearn how to read and am now I am a speaker and trainer. My life’s mission is to show others how the power of the mind can change every aspect of your life, health, career and relationships. Our beliefs systems determine how we approach our life journey. We are what we think.

I am the queen of the power of the mind. I used my belief systems to survive 6 critical care trauma units. I used my belief systems to survive 3 deaths, coma and PTSD. I used the power of the mind to teach my brain how to read, write and talk again. I used the power of my mind to tell my body it could walk, swim and run again. Our minds are powerful. We must harness our thoughts, emotions and feelings in a positive way.

I recaptured my career, wrote a book, conquered my fear of telling my story on stages to others. Why? I realized that what I wanted was to make sense of my life journey, stand on my story and share it with others so that they could be inspired to climb their own mountains.

When people ask me what I do, I tell them I climb mountains. I know how to climb big ass mountains. I get to the top no matter what. I know how to do this. When everything is stacked up against me, I know how to get to where I want to go and succeed in reaching my goals. This is my truth and only truth. This is the only thing my mind and body know.

What do you want to be your truth? What do you want to tell your mind and body so that you can climb your next mountain? You are what you think; so dream big!

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