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Colleen Hierath

I am the queen of the second act!

When my life took a dramatic turn as a result of a car accident that left my body battered and brain scrambled; I was unwilling to accept these circumstances. I had survived death 3 times; multiple surgeries and a coma and I felt that I could rally back to my life. I relearned how to talk, walk, write, and live once again. I fought hard to reclaim happiness and love.

I share my story of transformation so that women can be  inspired to have an amazing second act and have more love, happiness, success and fun than in the first stage of life!

I am the mother of 3 daughters. I married the love of my life, Arlyn in 2017. I blog about how perrenials (over 50) are changing what it looks like in the second stage of life. We are not our mothers nor are we zoomers or boomers. We are perrenials who are changing the face of what it looks like to be over 50.  We care about how we look and feel and we live our life to make an impact bigger than ourselves.  We have been in the corporate world, owned our own business, volunteered, econcomic providers for our families and we are now at a stage in ourlives where most of our children have been raised and now we are taking on new endeavours. We are the biggest buying demographic ever and we make 90% of all consumer decisions in our households.   I also write about how to attract epic love in the 2nd Act; and the fun of living between my urban world and my husband’s rural business while blending our family of 9 children.

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Key Note


Colleen shares with her audience the components of resilience and how this healed her body, brain and spirit after a horrific car accident left her in a coma and severly brain injured.

Colleen approached her challenges  with will, focus, positive mindset and a plan.  She harnessed the power of brain to rebuild her body; regain her health; relearn how to read, write, talk and run. She used the power of her mind to change her beleif systems and mindset about what her current situation was and what she wanted her life to become, no matter how hard she had to fight for it.  Colleen is the best example you will find to represent  the ‘Think it to Become it’  concept of positive thinking and  the law of attraction.

Everyone can learn how to use Colleen’s life tested principles to create massive change in their lives too!

3 Things You Will Learn;

  • How a resilient mindset can change anything
  • How the Power of the Mind and the Power of the Brain work together
  • How to reivent life after challenges

Audience: Women over 50,  ER/ICU Medical Staff, First Responders; Trauma Survivors, Athletic Coaches and Trainers; Brain Injured, Military, Concussed Athletes, Neuroscientists, Sports Organizations, Parents, Athletic Equipment Manufacturers, Protective Sports and Military Manufacturers

Watch Colleen’s “You Are What You Think”  Vancouver 2017 KeyNote


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Breathe, How I trained myself back to life

Breathe How I Trained Myself Back to Life Experience her struggle to reclaim her memory, rebuild her broken body and learn to read, talk and walk again. Learn how she was able to discover the purpose of her life through pain and heartbreak.

Walk with her as she discovers the strengths she needs to survive, learns how use them to rebuild her broken dreams, and build another life. Colleen changed her story.

Readers will be inspired to overcome their own challenges in life and reclaim their dreams. This book will become the readers’ “GO TO GUIDE” for how to go after what you want, no matter how many obstacles are in the way.

  • Discover how fear and disappointment can be great motivators.
  • Learn how to find your strengths and purpose amidst your struggles.
  • Master the skills to focus on small steps each day as you rebuild your life plan.
  • Dare to dream and set new goals.
  • Transform the lessons learned into a new life plan.

Refresh and energize YOU. Walk away with the tools to change your story.

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