Things we need to get good at

  1. Laughing at predicaments we find ourselves in and asking for help to get out of them.
  2. Making new friends and bringing them into our web of possibilities
  3. Lowering our expectations of non-brain injured people
  4.  Outworking everyone
  5. Making lists, and remembering where we put the list
  6. Not caring about mistakes we make
  7. Doing it anyway
  8. Repeating ourselves to ourselves
  9. Confusing others
  10. Saying “I don’t remember” even when we remember!!!
  11. Saying “I don’t understand” even when we understand!!!
  12. “Can you help me”…… you get where I’m going with this. LOL
  13. Living life large!
  14. Imperfection, perfection is highly over-rated


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